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 Large Ensemble 

HELIX (2010)​

for wind ensemble

duration: 6 minutes


 Chamber Music 

String Quartet No. 2  | commissioned by Friction Quartet

duration: 25 minutes

for wind octet

duration: 12 minutes


for saxophone quartet

duration: 17 minutes

Ghost light (2014)

for flute, viola and cello (early intermediate ensemble)

duration: 3 minutes

Everything Must Go (2014)

for bass clarinet and string quartet

duration: 8 minutes

for string quartet

duration: 20 minutes

Fair Trade (2011)

for two marimbas

duration: 8 minutes

for oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon

duration: 8 minutes

Moving on (2015)

for french horn, trombone, tuba, and drum set

duration: 5 minutes

Persist (2014)

for string quartet

duration: 4 minutes

for electric guitar trio

duration: 20 minutes

See You Next Tuesday (2012)

for electric guitar and drum set

duration: 7 minutes

Music for a 45 (2010)

for violin, cello, piano and vibraphone

duration: 6 minutes



A Divine Image (2020)

for soprano, bass clarinet, and djembe

duration: 1 minute

Nature Bespeaks the Mother (2013)

for soprano and fixed media electronics

duration: 5 minutes

Strands From Fossil Sky (2016)

for soprano and piano

duration: 10 minutes

Teasdale Songs (2013)

for soprano and piano

duration: 6 minutes



for SATB a cappella chorus

duration: 4 minutes



Prelude to a crash (2007)

for solo piano

duration: 8 minutes

Nightfall - fantasia for solo piano (2008)

duration: 13 minutes

Studies for solo saxophone (2011)

duration: 6 minutes



for solo cello and electronics

duration: 6 minutes

Atria (2020)

fixed media or for cello and electronics

duration: 5.5 minutes

love each trait (2014)

fixed media

duration: 7 minutes

Remain (2012)

for tenor saxophone and fixed media electronics

duration: 2.5 minutes

Lush and Terminal (2008)

for any solo instrument and electronics

duration: 5- 10 minutes


 video games 

GHAST Blasters (2019)

original music & sound design

developed for Bose AR devices

blitzkeep (2015 - current)

original music

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