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Thinking Too Much (2020)

for solo cello and electronics

duration: 6 minutes

This work is inspired by visual artist Sherry Karver's work "Thinking Too Much." 

Karver has this to say about her work:


"I feel like we are at a time in our history where things seem to be disintegrating and falling apart, socially, environmentally, politically, and economically, which is what my work reflects, but at the same time, I always look for the beauty within the chaos and uncertainty. The photo "Thinking Too Much" represents me, my friends, and probably most people, etc., who worry about where all this is going - will we as a society recover and go back to a 'normal' life?"


This piece was written in October and November of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the weeks leading up to the 2020 election. I wanted to capture that constant swirling of thoughts and emotions we've all experienced during this time of uncertainty. Still, I also tried to keep a sense of hopefulness in the music to show that better times are coming. We just have to wait.


This work uses fixed media electronics. A backing track, as well as a click track, are available from the composer. It is recommended that the soloist plays with an additional reverb effect to match the backing track atmosphere.


Thinking Too Much was commissioned by Musaics of the Bay as part of their 2020 Stay-At-Home Symposium


Premiered November 23, 2020 via the Musaics of the Bay Youtube Channel. Alexander Hersh, Cello. 

Cello samples in the backing track are recorded by Doug Machiz of Friction Quartet.

Sheet Music and performance materials available for purchase on Bandcamp.

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