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create. process. (2018)

for reed quintet | duration: 8 minutes

create. process. is a reflection on the act of creation. Every new work begins with a small seed of an idea that grows, evolves, and changes with the artist’s mindset and thought process. There is an exciting energy that emerges when the work begins to take shape, but that can quickly devolve into crippling self-doubt. Often times making art takes determination and the willingness to show up and keep trying, even when your mind is telling you what you are doing isn’t good enough. Hopefully—usually—that hard work leads you to more moments of inspiration and something you are proud of in the end. This piece follows the journey through the creative process, from the swirl of thoughts and emotions that accompany it, to the eventual exciting, uncertain, and hopeful release of the work into the world.


First performed 06/20/2018 by Akropolis Reed Quintet at The Hartt School as part of the 2018 Connecticut Summerfest

Purchase the score/parts for this piece from The Akropolis Collection

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