Mario Godoy


STring QUartet No.1

I.  Cut and Run

II.  How Did It Come To This?

III. Bait and Switch

IV.  Where Do We Go From Here?

(duration: 20 minutes)

In January 2012 I began writing my first piece for String Quartet. The result was what is now the first movement of the complete quartet, Cut and Run, a rhythmically driven, mechanical piece with interjections of chorale-like textures. It was after this piece was completed that I realized that this needed to become a larger work, so I began writing a second movement. In the way that the first movement evolved out of a mechanical realm, this one grew from an organic one. It was not until I completed this movement that I began realizing that the work was forming a programmatic structure. I began seeing the work depicting an escape, either physical, or emotional, or both. The first movement depicts the initial escape. The second is a reflection of past events that lead to this moment. The third movement brings the listener back to the present where events have escalated dramatically. The final movement settles in an ambient sound world that leaves the listener with more questions than answers.


Written for Friction Quartet


First performed 04/12/2013 by Friction Quartet

at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music


Live version recorded on Friction Quartet's debut CD available here: